Best US Poker Sites 2022

#1 USA Online Poker Site

USA Poker Sites 2022 
Americas Card Room Accepts US Players
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Play Poker Online in The USA at Bovada Poker

What is the top online poker site for players in the USA?

The best poker sites online that accept US players are listed below.  The number one site is Americas Card Room, it has a solid reputation. Payouts are fast and by Bitcoin take less than 24 hours. The software quality is good and they offer 24/7 support via phone live chat and email. Americas Card Room has soft competition, is a US friendly poker site and the cash games and tournaments are getting more plentiful all the time.  The big Venom fall tournament guaranteed is currently $6 000 000 in total tournaments.  The easy to clear sign up bonus is 100% up to $2000.  More US players choose Americas Card Room than any other site in the past year.
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The Best Online Poker Sites that Accept US Players

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How The Top Poker Sites Are Selected

You don't want to play poker at just any poker room that accepts US players. Only the very best poker rooms will do.  I have done extensive research on all poker rooms that are US Friendly, now let me show you how i do it to help you make your choice.

Below are the most important factors that are considered to choose and rank the best online poker sites for US players.  Some factors are strictly pass / fail - which means a room is simply up to snuff or not - this narrows the field to the sites that are worth considering. Others factors are cumulative based on point scoring - here is where the sites worth playing at are ranked as the best us online poker sites. 

Best of Breed

The best of the best - some poker sites are part on an online poker network.  Networks can have 30 or more poker sites that share the same player pool.  Networks that accept US players include Winning, Merge, Chico and Ignition.  Comparing the sites on a network we our selection factors to select the best site from each network.

Financial Stability

A poker site that does not have segregated player funds is not worthy of consideration.  A financially sound poker site must be up to date on its financial commitments, and hold a reserve to weather financial challenges.

US Withdrawal Speed

A very important criteria is that when you want your money back - you get it and you get it fast. There is no room for garbage sites that take months to process withdrawals to USA Players.

Traffic Volumes

Traffic levels tell a lot about a poker site. First its a vote of confidence, the more players at a room - the more people that have individually selected that room as the best poker site. Higher traffic volumes translates into bigger tournament prizes, more sit n gos and more cash games at a greater variety of stakes.


Great software is key to a top poker site.  There is no reason to play poker online with software that has glitches and crashes.  Software should be smooth and easy to navigate, there should be no need for an instruction manual.


A licensed poker site has a higher measure of accountability, and fiduciary measures that must be adhered to to keep their poker license which gives a poker site a location to run their servers.  Licensing jurisdictions are becoming more competitive with the knowledge that their reputation is at stake and a better reputation translates into more online gambling sites locating there.


The history of a poker site and how it has handled previous customer issues, over the long term is important.  A great poker site resolves issues - and if they don't the issues become well known of poker forums like 2+2 and pocket fives. Poker news websites also like dirt just like all other news sites as it brings traffic.  So a good reputation and track record are a key element in selecting a top poker site.

Legal Issues

In the past poker sites have gotten into trouble with money laundering, illegal movement of us player funds contrary to the UIGEA that have lead to the seizing of their poker domains and ultimately their decline and the loss of funds for players.  Pressing legal issues can fail a site from becoming a recommended poker site.

Deposit / Withdrawal Options

The greater variety of options for players to get their money on and off a poker site the better.  The methods used however must be both time and cost efficient to warrant consideration.  View our page on deposit options for US players for more details.


Its a great feeling when your poker balance is larger than you thought it would be. This is what bonuses do.  Basically the more you deposit and play the more they pay.   Bonuses not only need to be big they need to be easy to clear in a reasonable amount of time.  Bonuses are available for new players and reload bonuses incase your stack shrinks and you need to chip up. Better and more frequent bonuses make great poker sites. Check out our page on the best US poker bonuses for more information.


Weak players can make a so-so site much more attractive.  Playing against players that are pure gamblers and have little or no skill can be profitably quickly in just your first session.  This definitely qualifies as fun and increases the enjoyment for a player to a higher degree.

Customer Service & Support

A top notch site replies quickly to your queries, and is fast to resolve your issues.  Good support staff is knowledgeable, courtious and speaks your language - English, EspaƱol, or other.  Nothing quite defines a site like the people behind it and their attitude.

Cash Games

Cash games are the bread and butter for many us poker players.  The best cash games offer variety in table stakes, number of players (heads up, 6max and full ring), and a good selection of tables at all levels where you can find a seat fast.


MTT tournaments and Sit n Gos are where and afternoon can raise your bankroll many fold.  The best tournaments have a variety of buy ins and different prize pools including cash and satellite tournaments.  Important tournaments are regularly scheduled weekly and have large guarantees.  The ability to join a tournament at any hour adds to the liquidity of a poker site and enjoyment to your online poker experience.


Rake structures across the us poker landscape are now very similar if not identical.  Variation in rake at micro stakes and at high stakes is more variable than mid stakes.  Tournament fees are also a consideration of what makes a better poker site.


Good promotions like free TV's, points races, leaderboards and large tournaments all play a role in making a poker site better.  Promotions are often seasonal and sites offering exciting promotions see traffic spikes during the time the promotion is running.  The best US poker promotions are listed monthly on our home page.

Game Variety

Game variety in poker games aside from Texas Holdem like Omaha and Stud as well as HORSE and HOSE, add to the features of a room and variety to your game.  The best sites also offer additional wagering activities like online casino games and sports betting.

Jurisdiction / Blocked States

US poker sites are selective according to state laws.  While some state do have laws passed that legalizes online poker, in some it is a grey area and in one case (Washington State) it is outright banned. Poker sites that accept players from more legal states and don't accept players from states that prohibit online poker are ranked higher.


Compatibility with your computer or mobile device is key.  A poker site is of no use to you if you cant play it on the device that you have.  Visit our pages on Mac Compatible  US poker sites as well as US Mobile Poker Sites to see what sites will work for your computer / device. Some games are available for instant play while some have a download required. 


A Chip and a Chair.  That's all you need - and that's where freerolls come in.  Freerolls are available daily on the better poker sites, with bigger freerolls weekly.  Large freerolls can be entered especially for new players and by redeeming points or winning freeroll satellites. ITs a bonus for a site to have bigger cash prizes and more frequent freerolls.

Editors Opinion

Sometimes just the facts don't do a poker site justice not just positive things but also negative.  Online poker is a innovatively changing enterprise and new features and unprecedented situations must be taken into account.

And The Winner Is...

Currently at our recommendation as the best US poker site of 2022 is Americas Card Room.  For more information you can check out our 2022 review of Americas Card Room